“Western Cowboy Movie” best movie Favorite movies that you must not miss

“Western Cowboy Movie” best movie Favorite movies that you must not miss Cowboy movies or Western films have a Western vibe, and there are fights in areas where the police and the law are unreachable. So we will always see in this style of movie. With the scene of fighting action, gunfight for the glory With a horse as a vehicle ดูหนังออนไลน์ hd

“Western Cowboy Movie”

Albert (Seth McFarlane), the cowardly shepherd. And so greedy After he fled from the brawl, Thump-taped and fired one another. Then made his girlfriend cut his heart, leaving a fearless man like him to swing a new boyfriend

But at the same time A mysterious beautiful woman traveled into the city She helped him find courage. Gun shooting method And they fell in love with each other But the story is not over yet. When her husband was a notoriously stubborn thief Come for revenge This shepherd had to test his newfound mettle.

Open Range (2003)
In 1882 Montana County A group of foreign cattle herders led by “Boss” or Spearman (Robert Duvall), a late-night cowboy and Charlie (Kevin Costner), a former soldier with two other henchmen, camping out in the grass near. Harmonville town

Unexpectedly, they … were persecuted and accused by local influencers Dental Baxter (Michael Gambon) that herded herd of cattle and grazed the land without the need of a cow. Allowed The local gangsters .. shot boss and Charlie’s henchmen to death. This resentment must be paid. How will the story end?

Jango (Jamie Fox), a slave who has a terrible history. Forcing him to confront German bounty hunter Dr. King Schulz (Christoph Waltz), who is pursuing the murderous brother Brittl. And only Jango can guide him to the victim he wants. Schulz, a strange character, has let Jango guide him. With promises to set him free After capturing the Brittany brothers.

Gunless (2010)
Synopsis of Gunless, the tranquil Dominion community of Canada. Was awakened by the coming of Wounded American Cowboy, known as “The Montana Kid” Gunless, fierce cowboy gunfight.


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